Quo vadis methodological diversity in transitions research: Taking stock of recent developments and promising prospects

Based on Zolfagharian et al.’s (2019) method of the “research onion”, we analysed the development of the socio-technical sustainability transitions literature from 2016-2019. The research onion differentiates between six conceptual levels that each article contains, and allows us to highlight e.g. changes in the use of new and old research methods and theoretical frameworks in the literature. After Prof. Dr. Karoline Rogge gave first insights into our results during her keynote at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference (IST) 2020, we published detailed results in the journal Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.

Video of Prof. Dr. Rogge's keynote at IST 2020: Link to video 

Slides of Prof. Dr. Rogge's keynote at IST 2020: Link to powerpoint presentation


Hansmeier, H.; Schiller, K.; Rogge, Karoline S. (2021): Towards Methodological Diversity in Sustainability Transitions Research? Comparing Recent Developments (2016-2019) with the Past (before 2016). In: Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 38 (January): 169–74 (Open access).

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