Agri-food and nutrition transitions: Insights and ways forward

This project researches several questions related to agri-food and nutrition transitions, and draws lessons learned for sustainability transitions. Although agricultural and food production and consumption contribute 26% of yearly global GHG emissions, agri-food system transitions to sustainability are empirically studied and theorized substantially less than those in other socio-technical systems (e.g. energy). Further, although the fields of agri-food production and nutrition are intrinsically linked through people's consumption of food, they remain separate both in science and in policy.

Recent research has highlighted the important roles public procurement can play in supporting sustainability transitions, but the role public food procurement may play in enabling agri-food and nutrition transitions has yet to be systematically explored. How can public food procurement better support agri-food and nutrition transitions? Finally, urban areas have been recognized as hotbeds for social change. What can current urban transitions-in-the-making learn from urban vanguards in agri-food sustainability?

Planned activities include the organization of panels at the appropriate international conferences to discuss these issues, and the writing of several articles to be published in scientific journals.

Katharina Schiller

Katharina Schiller

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