Coordination, Stability and Defection. Building Advocacy Coalitions for and policy in socio-technical Transitions (TrAdCo)

The aim of this project is to conduct a comprehensive systematic literature review on advocacy coalitions to further our understanding of collective action in coalitions as a driver for policy change which is a precondition for sustainability transitions. The literature review will focus on the influence of internal coalition building processes. These are coordination (1) and stability (2) of advocacy coalitions, as well as defection (3) from advocacy coalitions and how this relates to the transition process.

Thereby the project adds to a better understanding of dynamics and struggles of coalitions among societal actors in sustainability transitions and how these relate to the further development of the transition. The project team will learn how to use the Levenshtein Distance Method in R to synchronize different corpora and will learn how to perform basic data mining analyzes. From the review a journal paper will be developed for submission to a peer review journal.

The learnings from this exercise will be shared via a workshop at the Fraunhofer ISI to inform about (1) the conclusions for the role and functioning of coalitions in transitions (2) the methodological challenges and possible solutions for conducting a systematic review. For dissemination to the wider community a short video for social media channels is planned.

Julius Paul Wesche
Julius Paul Wesche

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